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3400 HARBOR AVE SW #235, SEATTLE WA 98126

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Hi my name is TJ Johnston (they/them)

I started tattooing in 2004 and previously worked at Alleged Tattoo, honing my skills until i opened Osprey Tattoo in 2014, and in 2019 decided to run my own private studio by the name of Osprey Studio.

I work in a few different styles, but my passion is detailed fine line and single needle work. I love tattooing flowers, plants and animals.

One of my favorite things about tattooing is working with a client to come up with something original and beautiful. I love collaborating with another person to create something that is only "ours". Although, it is sometimes hard to see my work walk out the door, I feel pride in knowing that I gave somebody a piece of art that they will love just as much as I loved creating it.

to book with me you can email 

and follow me on instagram @tjosprey

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